Arbitration In Cameroon

Arbitration has not only become a necessity in Cameroon, but the most reliable tool for important transactions as it is the most convenient alternative means of conflict resolution, due to lack of some competent authorities in our courts.
Our country Cameroon has a modern arbitration system provided by the OHADA Treaty on arbitration;
Some advantages of arbitration over litigation are
  • Arbitration is faster
  • Arbitration is conducted in a non public environment
  • Arbitration is cheaper
  • Arbitration is very convenient
  • Parties have a greater say to the laws binding them etc

It is because of, the flexible nature of arbitration, that economic operator have included in their contracts as the mode of regulating their disputes/conflicts.
We settle disputes between companies, employers and employees etc. The aforementioned is done with the help of our qualified and experienced team.

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